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Haws Barrier-Free wall-mounted Eye/Face Wash Station includes AXION MSR head along with chrome-plated brass tailpiece and trap to meet desired wall mounting requirements. The eyewash head is antimicrobial treated using the natural protection of silver that helps protect against the growth of mold and mildew on the treated components. It features a low profile design to facilitate wheel chair access and comes with a 16 ga stainless steel wall bracket. Station featuring a revolutionary inverted flow design gives even laminar Stream supplied by an integral 3.7 gpm flow control and providing zero vertical velocity for enhanced stability as well as effectiveness. Station includes a chrome-plated brass stay-open ball valve with stainless steel ball and stem for added comfort. Space efficient unit is equipped with a chrome-plated brass in-line mesh water strainer and flip top dust covers to protect the irrigation process when debris is present. This pre-built unit is fully water/pressure tested to ensure no leaks and proper function which ultimately reduces installation time. It meets ANSI Z358.1 standards.

Haws 1/2" NPT AXION MSR Eye/Face Wash Station

  • Haws 1/2" NPT AXION MSR Eye/Face Wash Station
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