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Haws AXION Advantage Stainless Steel Upgrade Kit includes stainless steel AXION MSR? eye/face wash head, connecting hardware, a tape measure, eyewash measuring gauge and guidelines. Kit replaces outdated, under-performing or non-conforming installed emergency eyewashes. It features a revolutionary inverted flow design to offer a medically superior response that is consistent with all EMT, emergency room and doctors' office protocols. It helps sweep contaminants away from the vulnerable nasal cavity. The traditional eyewashes irrigate from the outside edge of the eye back toward the nose and flushes out contaminants into the nasal cavity through the lacrimal punctum. It is an ideal replacement for the eyewash head of most standard wall and pedestal mounted eyewash stations manufactured by Acorn, Bradley, Encon?, Guardian and Speakman?. This Advantage system is ANSI compliant when installed correctly based on manufacturer guidelines.

Haws AXION Advantage Conversion Kit

  • Haws AXION Advantage Conversion Kit
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