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Haws Pedestal Mounted Eye/Face Wash Station comes with AXION MSR head, a round 11" stainless steel receptor and 1 1/4" NPT galvanized stanchion. Station includes a yellow plastic dust cover that protects the head and pops off when water is turned on. Station featuring a revolutionary inverted flow design gives even laminar Stream providing zero vertical velocity for enhanced stability as well as effectiveness. Station includes a chrome-plated brass mesh in-line strainer to collect line debris as well as a ball valve with stainless steel ball and stem to provide added protection against corrosion and breakage. It has a chrome-plated brass stay-open ball valve designed to make the flushing of fluid occur with the push of a stainless steel flag. Station also includes 1 1/4" schedule 40 hot-dipped galvanized steel pipe and fittings along with powder-coated cast-iron 9" Dia floor flange. This pre-built unit is fully water/pressure tested to ensure no leaks and proper function which ultimately reduces installation time. Station with 1/2" IPS supply and 1 1/4" IPS waste meets ANSI Z358.1 standards.

Haws AXION MSR Eye/Face Wash Station

SKU: 7361-7461
  • Haws AXION MSR Eye/Face Wash Station
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