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Justrite Red 1 gal Safety Bench Can is made of galvanized steel with powder-coated finish that renders resistance against rust, dents, chemicals, scratches, chipping, fading and other wear. Can measuring 9 3/8" O.D X 4 1/2" features spring loaded dasher plate that serves as a fire baffle to prevent liquids from igniting within the can and can be pushed down for cleaning parts. It has hinged lid to prevent pouring and can be used to clean small as well as large parts in flammable solvents safely. It comes with wire basket and is ideal for handling flammable liquids of 5 gal or less.

Justrite 1 Gal Red Galvanized Steel Safety Bench Can

SKU: 10370
  • Justrite 1 Gallon Red Galvanized Steel Safety Bench Can With 7-1/2" Dasher Plate And Wire Basket
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