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Justrite Aerosolv Disposal System contains puncturing unit with plastic sleeve, color changing coalescing/carbon filter cartridge, anti-static wire and goggles for improved safety. Disposal system is made from aircraft aluminum and strings into 2" bung on 30 gal as well as 55 gal drums. Puncturing unit alleviates pressure and empties used cans while the filter removes liquids and absorbs odors. The moveable parts are made from stainless steel and the carbide tipped piercing pin does not wear out even after puncturing 10000 cans. The cans can be recycled as scrap metal and the unit requires no power source. Kit is easy to use by inserting the inverted can, tightening the sliding plate and pressing the handle to cut a smooth edge hole into the dome of the can. The lower coalescing portion of the filter expels the airborne liquids while the upper activated carbon portion absorbs hydrocarbons as well as odor.

Justrite Aerosolv Aluminum Aerosol Can Disposal System

SKU: 28202
  • Justrite Aerosolv Aluminum Aerosol Can Disposal System With Puncturing Unit Plastic Sleeve, Anti-Static Wire, Goggles And Color Changing Coalescing/Carbon Filter