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MSA Workman Web Personal Fall Limiter with LC steel snap hook measures 12' and has a fast acting brake mechanism offering a versatile Fall Protection. Limite with 400 lb of maximum capacity avoids the requirement to custom order a PRO uct for a worker exceeding 310 lb. Limite is rendered with rugged, impact-absorbing PRO ective bumpers for extra durability. This limite with PFL and lifeline connector makes it ideal for confined space, painting and welding. Limite comprising integral load indicator alarms the user that the unit has been involved in a fall. Durable, engineered thermoplastic housing offered to this limite reduces its weight.

MSA 12' Workman Web Personal Fall Limiter

SKU: 10093349
  • MSA 12' Workman Web Personal Fall Limiter With LC Snap Hook Lifeline Connection
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