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MSA Constant Flow Airline Respirator Assembly is designed to deliver a continuous supply of breathable air and simultaneously provides a cooling effect. Respirator includes Comfo welder's face piece, breathing tube, web support belt and high-pressure control valve and can be used in non-IDLH environments. It maintains a slight positive pressure of air inside the facepiece whether the user is inhaling or exhaling. It helps in preventing contaminants from driving in and around the facepiece even if there are small breaks in the face-to-face piece seal. It requires a source of compressed air conforming to at least grade D compressed gas association. It can be used in applications such as chemical, construction, electric utility, sanding/ grinding, spray painting and welding.

MSA Half Mask Constant Flow Airline Respirator Assembly

SKU: 460862
  • MSA Half Mask Constant Flow Airline Respirator Assembly (Includes Black Medium Hycar Welder's Comfo Facepiece, Hose, Web Support Belt, Snap-Tite Aluminum Quick-Disconnect And High Pressure Control Valve)
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