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MSA Medium OptimAir  Mask-Mounted PAPR Assembly has a lightweight design and features a sealed, water-resistant battery that suits most pockets. It is ideal to use in hazardous particulate environments including asbestos, lead abatement, nuclear and mold remediation applications. The eight-hour battery packs can be recharged in dual rate chargers. The HEPA filter offers great protection from particulate contaminants and delivers high Air flow. The constant Air flow cools the user's face and is simple to decontaminate. Assembly contains Advantage  3100 facepiece with rubber head harness, motor/blower, NiMH battery, dual rate battery charger and cable, one type HE OptiFilter XL cartridge and a waist belt.

MSA HE Filter OptimAir Mask-Mounted PAPR Assembly

SKU: 10095182
  • MSA HE Filter OptimAir Mask-Mounted PAPR Assembly With Rubber Head Harness, Motor, Blower, NiMH Battery, Charger, Cable And Waist Belt
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