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MSA'standard EVOTECH Construction/Full Body Style Harness is featured with integral back pad, Qwik-Connect chest strap, tongue buckle leg straps, back/chest/hip D-rings and shoulder padding offering great comfort. This harness is designed to PRO ide the field ID safety network with field ID access to offer a reliable, on-line inspection and safety compliance management system. Dual-colored webbing is red pattern on outside and black on inside for easy identification of twisted webbing. Harness is rendered with a 3-position back D-ring that permits the users to find out optimal lanyard connection position. Absences of binding edge on shoulder padding avoid neck chafing. Harness is PRO ided with a breathable padding with moisture-wicking material which helps the users stay cooler. Harness with NanoSphere? coating on webbing offers resistance against dirt, grease, moisture and more. The construction of the harness includes integral back pad and tool belt with dual-durometer padding for superior comfort in work positioning applications. Harness includes a patent-pending leg strap design which positions leg straps in place, increasing mobility and comfort.

MSA's Standard EVOTECH Construction/Full Body Style Harness

SKU: 10112710
  • MSA'standard EVOTECH Construction/Full Body Style Harness With Qwik-Connect Chest Strap Buckle, Tongue Leg Strap Buckle, Back And Hip D-Ring, Shoulder Padding And Integral Backpad
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