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Build a barrier around machinery or equipment that is permanently mounted or cannot easily be moved.


Most of UltraTech’s spill containment products are designed to be put in place and then have the potential offending “spillers” placed in or on the containment unit. But large, heavy, or previously secured/bolted down equipment or machinery can make that very difficult or impossible.

The Ultra-Berm Builder solves that problem. This component system can be built to just about any size and/or shape that might be needed for your spill containment application.


Product Highlights

  • Component system provides flexibility to create a semi-permanent, high-visibility custom barrier.
  • Durable, vinyl covering resists oils, coolants, and most chemicals.
  • Cut-to-length and secure to floor with included sealant, then seal seams with the vinyl adhesive.
  • Economical containment for leaks and spills around machinery and equipment - no need to build expensive cement or angle iron curbs.
  • High-visibility yellow color draws attention to the barrier for increased safety.
  • Easy removal requires only a flat-bladed shovel.

Ultra-Berm Builder® Complete Kit

SKU: 8640
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